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World’s Best Insurance and InsurTech Websites for User Experience

Every year we put together a list of the best websites in the insurance industry, focusing on user experience and usability. There are three things that customers want from insurance companies: easechoice, and advice. Our 3-person team of UX experts used these same criteria to select and evaluate world’s best insurance websites.

1. Ease of Use

An insurance website should make it easy for visitors to find information. Users must be able to complete common tasks quickly, such as filing claims, applying for coverage, reviewing and making changes to a policy, paying a bill, etc. In our assessment, we determined “ease” by focusing on website navigation, information architecture, and how easy it was to find information and complete common tasks.

2. Choice

Insurance customers want to feel that they are in control and getting the best deal possible. Unfortunately, insurance is complex. Insurance terms, especially those regarding coverage, are unfamiliar to most people, which makes it hard to differentiate one plan from another. One way to give users more control is to help them understand the risks and make educated decisions about their purchases. The best insurance websites provide clear choices, such as including side-by-side comparisons of different policies and giving explanations about policies, coverage, and risks in simple terms.

3. Advice

Purchasing insurance is an emotional decision—users are looking to protect their life, health, home, family, or valuables. It is important for users to feel that they are being served well during this process. People often seek guidance and reassurance when it comes to insurance. We judged how well insurance websites succeeded in the “advice” category by how effective they “humanized” the experience of helping, guiding, and reassuring users online.

Here is our list of best insurance websites based on the criteria of ease, choice, and advice from a user experience and usability perspective.

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