Redesigned Tile
Manufacturer's Website
Results in Increased Sales

What happens when one of the fastest-growing tile manufacturer outgrows its website? What happens when they learn that their outdated website is costing them millions in missed sales opportunities and unnecessarily-high customer support expenses? They come to WeDevelUp.

increase in sales lead

We needed to present ourselves as a more mature company with more in-depth information on the website that could help with sales.

Jason McManus, President of Business Development

We started off with an ambitious objective of designing a best-in-class manufacturer website for Mbrico. To achieve this vision, we designed a new logo, produced content and marketing copy, created a new product catalog, inspirations gallery, and a dealer locator. The entire user experience had to be perfect.

Logo Design in the
Manufacturing Industry

Website Design for a Manufacturer

Product Catalog Designed for
Optimal User Experience

A Manufacturing Website
that tells a Story

Product Comparison
Made Easy

Achieving Consistent UX
across All Devices

ROI (Results on Internet)

Did we deliver ROI? You bet! After the website redesign, Mbrico saw:

  • Increased sales opportunities for the company and its independent distributors
  • Increased product and brand awareness
  • Reduced call volume from frustrated website visitors looking for basic product info
increase in sales lead

WeDevelUp simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment.

Jason McManus, President of Business Development